4. Psychosocial support of youth offenders

Psychosocial Support for Youth Offenders – Moral Discussion Group

This particular group intervention is based on the Reasoning and Rehabilitation Program (R&R) (Ross, Fabiano & Ross, 1986) and was developed for youth and adult offenders, substance users and people with antisocial behavior. The program aims to enhance problem solving, social and negotiation skills, emotional development, creative thinking, values, critical thinking and empathy.

It has been implemented and assessed effective in USA, Canada, Spain and the United Kingdom with low and high risk offenders (Tong & Farrington, 2006).

Expected Benefits of the Program

Gradual replacement of egocentric and hedonistic behaviors with more co-operative and altruistic ones (Lowenstein, 1991)

$1    Conflict resolution-resilience skills improvement

$1   Re-evaluation of attitudes, beliefs and behaviors

$1   Creation and enhancement of positive self-identity

C  Growing into higher stages of moral thinking