1.Psychosocial support of the prisoners’ familial environment

Realizing the significance of the relationships between prisoners and their familiar environment (husbands and wives, companions, children, parents) as far as the serving of the penalty and the subsequent reconnection are concerned, we undertake the formulation of group support and self-help for the prisoners’ family.    

Taking into consideration the psychological disruption brought about by the incarceration of a family member to rest of the family, we aspire to provide them with a new perspective in life through our programs of psychological and social support. A perspective that involves a connected family rather than shame, isolation, stigmatization and resignation.

Having developed professional affiliations with similar well-experienced organizations in other countries, we have constructed our programs from evidence-based practice, adapted to Greek reality, given the fact that marginalization and stigmatization are formed differently in Greece.

Peer Support Groups

A peer support group consists of a number of adults with the common experience of the confinement of a relative. All members have equal rights and have the opportunity to be involved and active during group interaction in an organized and supportive environment. This intervention is based on the philosophy of self-help, but a professional is nevertheless present.

The aim of the group is to:

Give members the chance to share similar experiences and feelings

Discuss issues that come along with confinement (consequences of the absence of the inmate parent/husband, prison visitation)                                          

Reinforce their social skills, such as cooperation and independence                

Find functional and effective ways to battle stigma and the effects it has on them                                                    

Cultivate self-confidence and trust in others                                    

In some group meetings professionals, as criminologists and correctional officers, are invited to offer their helpful knowledge about the demands and needs of the concerned groups.

Parents Support Groups

The children programs are being accompanied with programs for the parents on the grounds of the belief that parents and children should be equally and concurrently supported. The benefits of these structured psycho educational programs are multiple and can be combined with those of the children. Every person, parent or relative, who is close to the inmate, can participate voluntarily.

These groups focus on:

emotion management, particularly emotions arising from the contemporary loss of a partner or parent in the daily life

the revelation of a parent’s confinement to the child

recognition and management of the child’s (maladaptive) behavior.

Recognition and reinforcing children’s positive behavior

Child’s preparation to the procedure of visitation.

Child’s preparation before the return/ rehabilitation/permit of the incarcerated parent